Payment and shipment conditions


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  • SEB bank link
  • LHV bank link
  • VISA, Mastercard and Maestro cretid cards
  • Paypal
  • Bank transfer
  • Paysera
  1. After a successful payment Client will receive a conformation e-mail. The successful payment will also be visible in the detailed view of the order, where Client will be directed after choosing “back to the merchant”
  2. In case the payment is not successful contact iseteenindus.trismile.ee environment.
  3. Invoice for the order will be available to download in the detailed view of the order after a successful payment


  1. register.goandrun.eu electronic environment offers mostly digital and virtual products (participation slips for competitions). Therefore there is no shipping involved with the purchase of service. For confirmation, that the order has been successful, the Client's name will be published in the list of the registered people for the competition. 
  2. However, if there are some physical items on sale, such as t-shirts, mugs, medals, etc, then the shipping costs for these items are arranged by the organizer of the competition or they will be handed out along with the start materials at the event.


  1. There is no refund policy for digital products because the client has made the order fully understanding what it entails, and the client has confirmed the purchase. However, it is possible to cancel the participation in the event by reaching an agreement with the organizer of the competition. In that case, the organizer has to follow certain instructions that regulate the refund's possibility and size. 
  2. If a physical item has been purchased then returning said item needs to be discussed with the organizer of the event. In case of problems that may arise, please write and contact the following e-mail address; info@sportos.eu, you will then be contacted and given more precise information about the conditions of the return policy.
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